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Eight flights of a new Space Shuttle Boilerplate model were made in October 1998. Greg Warren of the SEP Program recorded 4 of the flights which were made at the Rocket City Blastoff on Oct. 24-25th. Click here to download a Zipped 1.8 meg compressed Mpeg movie which is titled as the 3rd flight (actually 4th flight at that launch, 7th flight of that boilerplate). This is the best flight, with a good view of SRB sep, ET sep, orbiter staging, and glide to landing.

Also thanks to Doug Pratt for allowing me to post a copy of this Mpeg which he converted. Doug is the sysop for the Compuserve Sport Rocketry forum ( Update - Compuserve's Rocketry Forum is long-gone. Doug runs Pratt Hobbies, at:

Please note that the animated GIF to the top left and frame at top right lost much quality in converting the frames into a GIF, the actual mpeg looks better!

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Five 1988 Sunguidance flights were made using a Cineroc, 2 for roll tests and 3 for pitch-yaw tests. Click here to download a zipped 1.5 meg Quicktime movie ( 160 x 120 pixels). After many false starts, it seems that now finally this QT movie will play on PC's!

This is from the 5th flight , pitch and yaw control, which was three-staged using Chad-staged D12-0/D12-0/D12-5.

Thanks to: Matt Steele for the use of his Cineroc, the late "Mr Cineroc" Herb Desind for arranging for the film loading and processing, and Tom Beach for the QuickTime movie conversion.

To see the SunguidancePage, click here.

2005 Update - Sunguidance Flights resume! Gearcam Onboard video instead of a Cineroc. Go to the Video page.

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