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NEW - Aug 11, 2004 - Orbital SkyDart Project on RBG site

Aug 21, 2001 - Added group photo from NARAM-43

June 4,'99 - Added new RB Gliders site - This will handle new files till a fall make-over to move all the glider files to (maxed out my GCG file space). Includes new page on X-20/Titan model and the Robart "UFO" Piggyback Gliders page.

Apr 15'99 - R/C RBG School at NARAM-41! Alex Seltsikas and Kevin Creamer will help people learn to fly R/C RBG's. Click link for more. [Alex's site is gone now, but thanks to the Internet Archiv,e you cna go to it anyway].

Apr 2'99 - Sky Dart 2X R/C RBG page 

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NARAM-43 Pilots: George Rachor (Kneeling in front).
Left to right: Marc McReynolds, Ryan Woebkenberg, Steve Foster, Kevin Creamer, Chris Taylor, Roger Wilfong, George Gassaway. Not shown: Rob Edmonds (Deltie R/C Sport flying)
NARAM-38 Pilots - Kevin Creamer, Alex Seltsikas, Tom Blakeney, George Gassaway, Ryan Woebkenberg, and Ed Lacroix. Not shown: Mac McGarrigle, Marc McReynolds, & Chad Ring (Dean Wakamoto pic).

FAI S8E Page

X-1 Page

George's Shuttle Model Home Page

Rob Edmonds' "Arcie-II" R/C B/G KITS
Rob's AOL site is gone, the above link is to the Internet Archive

Single channel laser-cut kits. A good way to get into R/C RBG's. Long pop-pod lets it boost itself on D12 powered flights.

Arcie-II Review & photos by James Duffy

Arcie-II and other Edmonds kits sold by BMS

Doug Gard 's I powered R/C X-15

All-composite 5-channel X-15 model which uses water ballast for CG compensation and after gliding around ejects twin 72" chutes for landing. Check the RetroFlight web page for more details and photos.

George's 1/60 scale piggyback orbiter. Uses rudder, elevator, and R/C sep. Special booster has 32mm (G12) engine mount, twin ventral fins (to prevent yaw/roll coupling), and noseweight. Twin halfshells on the booster, against orbiter belly, contain chutes that deploy when the orbiter is separated.

photo by

Orbiter Landing
New Nov 2008
Synchronicity R/C R/G PLANS Page

New Nov 2008
Raven R/C R/G PLANS Page
Alex Seltsikas of London, England

Phoenix on 32mm F23 reload

Alex & 'Cuda at NARAM-39

Alex Seltsikas' Page including R/C RBG's
Alex's site is gone, the above is the Inernet Archive Link


  Kevin McKiou flying his Stingray design at the 1996 WSMC in Slovenia, with George Reibesehl and Nick Rivieccio spotting.

kevin shut down his "VectorAero" severla eyars back. Here si a link to VectorAero on the Internet Archive.

Mac McGarrigle's X-33 Lifting Body at NARAM-33 (Dean Wakamoto pics)

Mac's Lifting Body Model Development Page
(unfortunately Mac closed his site)

'Cuda kit by Kevin McKiou/Vectoraero

To Kevin McKiou's Vectoraero Page
(unfortunately Kevin closed his site and the kits are not in production)

New models of George's in 1992: Raven-7 (60" span F-G reload powered design by Bob Parks flew on G R/G at NARAM-34), 1/60 Orbiter on booster before painting/markings, and Astro-Blaster.

Ed LaCroix boosting A Sweet Vee on E12J 24mm RC reload. Also notable is the use of a foot operated firing system (popularized by the Chicago S8E fliers), Ed launched his own model.

1980 R/C Boost Glider with various pop-pods.Big long heavy pods make for more ballistic boosts for easier learning.

Various flight pics at a flying session by Ed LaCroix and George in Phoenix during 1993. Click on pic to see bigger image.
Big Bird 1 (60" span) on G12
Synchroncity flies by moon
Ed's Bison on E6
Bison Glide
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