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US Team Pictures From the 13th World Space Modeling Championships
Held Sept 12-17, 2000 in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak Republic

Page 1 - Tuesday & Wednesday's events.

Tuesday: S6 - A Streamer Dur.
S1 - B Altitude

Wednesday: S3 - A Parachute
S4 - B Boost Glide

So, what's with the FAI event numbers? Translations:

S1 = B Altitude (30mm minimum diameter)
S3 = A Parachute Duration (30mm minimum diameter)
S4 = B Boost Glide
S5 = B Scale Altitude (40 mm minimum body diameter)
S6 = A Streamer Duration (30mm minimum diameter)
S7 = Scale
S8 = E R/C Rocket Glide

Team Photo Sunday Sept 11
(D-450 shot by Pam Kuczek)

Opening ceremony Sunday Sept 11

Team Photo Friday Sept 16
(D-450 shot by Pam Kuczek)

 On ground: Gib Reynolds
  Front row: Ducky Klouser, Bernard Biales,. Kevin Kuczek, George Riebesehl, Dave O'Bryan, Andy Tomasch, Ross Hironaka
  Back row: Tony Reynolds, Ellis Langford, Tom Campbell, Chad Ring, Ed Pearson, Jay Marsh, George Gassaway, Bob Biedron.

S6 team with models ready to launch
(Ross Hironaka, Jay Marsh, George Riebesehl)

Ross Hironaka takes Bronze in S6!

Ross H. readies S1 model

Gib Reynolds of the Junior team launches his S1 model
(photo by Tony Reynolds)

Kevin Kuczek Takes Silver in S1!

US Team wins Gold in S1!
(Kevin Kuczek, Ross Hironaka, Manager Ed Pearson, & Dave O'Bryan)

S5 Team at turn-in Sunday Sept 11
(Tom Campbell, Bob Biedron, Chad Ring)

Tom C.'s Bumper-Wac S5 model in piston-tower.
A10-0 blew on the 1st flight

Kevin Kuczek readies his S4 model.
Kevin had two maxes but no returned model to make a 3rd flight on.
Not shown: Ellis Langford won the Silver medal in S4B
(Boost Glide) in the Junior division

U.S. S7 entries at turn-in
(George Gassaway, Jay Marsh, Bob Biedron of Senior team & Junior entry Ellis Langford)
D-450 shot by Pam Kuczek

Several team members register for the World Cup events

US Junior competitor Gib Reynolds and Pam Kuczek 
(Photo by Tom Campbell)

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Unless otherwise noted, all photos were taken by George Gassaway using an Olympus D-450 digital camera.