Some Overseas Rocket Engines
(with U.S. engines for comparison)


None of the overseas engines seen here are imported into the U.S.

Translations from the back of a box of Rapier engines.

L-R: Estes 13mm A3, Two Czech Delta 10.5mm A2's from around 1987 to 1992 (Tan), A Czech Delta 10.5mm A2 and 1/4A2 from around 1992 onwards (red case), and Czech Delta 10.5mm B2.
The Delta 10.5mm engines are the best A & B contest engines in the world, many countries use them at WSMC's and other FAI contests.

Same as at left, plus Czech Delta micro motors (Yellow)
which inspired the Quest Micro-Maxx (gray-blue)

Closer view of Delta Micros compared to Quest MicroMaxx

All B engines - L-R: Estes 18mm B6-2, Czech Delta 10.5mm B2, Apogee 11mm B2, 1987(?) Yugoslavian Sport 12.3mm B4 (red), 1996 Serbian FAI contest 11.3mm B2 (red-pink), 1996 Chinese Contest 12.3mm B5 (red), and Apogee 13mm B7 Composite.

Chinese verison of an Estes 18mm engine, from 1996.
(apparently a 3/4 C, at about 7.5 N-sec)

Russian "D10" engine from 1988. It was made for flying their old flop-wing S8E models. This was a practice flight D version, they also had an E version for contest flying. The front end is plugged with an epoxy cap, and holes are drilled thru the sides just behind the epoxy cap, so that a burn thread can be burned to release the flop wings at burnout.

Estes 18mm engine compared with two 15 mm C2-0 type
"Held 1000" engines made in Germany.

Another view, showing other side of the box.

Rapier Sport Rocket Engines, from the Czech Republic

Here is a translated link to the Rapier website for their model rocket engines.

15mm Diameter, B2-5's and A4-5's. Five to a box.

Ejection cap and Nozzle end

L-R: Estes 13mm A3, Two Rapiers, and 18mm Estes B6.

Returning back to those 10.5 mm Delta motors (far right photo),
above is my S9A Copter model which used Delta A's
to fly to a Bronze medal at the 2008 WSMC in Spain.

Repeat of an earlier photo, Delta A's are the middle four.

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