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2011 Omni-Pad &

Raven-10 Glider Tower

by George Gassaway

 June 20, 2011

This was my first new Omni-Pad in about 12 years.

And first custom R/C Glider Tower in about 10 years.

The Raven-10 configuration requires some different rail placements than for a typical model.

I built this tower going by drawings and measurements for a Raven-10. I did not have an actual model to use for test fitting, so that is why there are not photos of a Raven in the tower.

It also has widely spaced wing rails to handle high winds. See end of this page for more info on why.

For easy assembly (and disassembly), all removeable parts use 6-32 bolts and wingnuts (or knurled nuts). No tools required!

Below are photos taken to document it, and also a video link to show how to assemble the Omni-Pad and Tower. Much of this can be applied to any Omni-Pad and Glider Tower that a person wants to build, not just Raven-10 specifically. Also see the other two web pages for earlier Glider Towers and earlier Omni-Pads.

Click on photos and drawings to see larger images.

2010 US JR S8D Team with Raven-10's.
Matthew Berk, Alyssa Stenberg, & Craig Vinyard.
The team won Gold, and Alyssa won the Silver medal.

Pad & Tower Assembly Video on Youtube

Rail Layout for use with Raven-10



This new tower uses 8 rails so that the wing rails can be spaced very wide apart. This is common with most US Team member's launchers now, so that if it is windy, the tail will not hit the wing rails. This is also why the tail rails end shorter, so the wings and tail lave the rails at the same time on liftoff. As shown above at the 2010 WSMC, Kevin Kuczek (left) with his model, Ryan Woebkenberg's pad & model (middle), and George's pad & model (right).

Proof of how important it is for the wing and tail to cleanly leave the launcher in high wind. Kevin Kuczek's "Pushit-3" S8E-P model at the 2008 WSMC. Winds were about 25 MPH. Take note the model has been blown backwards about 3 to 4 feet in about 6 feet or so distance on leaving the rails.

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