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Little Joe-II

Tom Beach and I produced a full set of scale data which was printed in the May/June and July/August 1991 issues of American Spacemodeling magazine. Wayne Hendricks and I worked on developing Little Joe models starting in late 1989, resulting in a model at a scale of 1/39.5. The models have flown at various regional meets, NARAMs, and three WSMC's.

The COMPLETE American Spacemodeling Little Joe II drawings and written article are uploaded to the Files section of the "NARscale" Yahoo group. You have to join the group in order to access the files. At right are just two examples.

Drawings of all Five Little Joe-II's which flew

A-004          A-003         A-002

  A-001         QTV     SM Rollout

Southern Neutron Team
Little Joe II 1/39.5 Super Scale entry NARAM-34

On Pad



Tom Beach Photos
Boilerplate 7" Diameter Little Joe II
on G25 and six C6' s (1991)
Photo by Vince Huegele
Mission A-001 Example
Mission A-001 Drawing
1                    2


Assembly pictures (1990) - click to see larger image, return button to get back

1 - Boilerplate model was built to explore the construction using corrugated plastic sheet curled into a tube, fin attachment, and BT-80 tube for recovery compartment (with a printed wrapper for the Service module pattern). Service Module slips on and is replaceable, "Regional" Little Joe model (being built in these pics) has gone thru at least 4 Service Modules due to accumulated wear and tear. Much use of vacuformed parts, including the BPC/Capsule cone , nozzles, and fin root fairings.

2- The scale of 1/39.5 was determined by a12" wide piece of Evergreen "Metal Siding" plastic sheet with .10" spacing to produce the necessary 120 corrugations (result is 3.89" diameter tube). Much use of vacuformed parts, including the BPC/Capsule cone , nozzles, and fin root fairings. Little use of casting due to not discovering the joys of Alumilite by then - the cast fairing translucent pieces on the system tunnel plate are polyester resin, not recommended these days.

3- Tower built from 3/32" and 1/16" plastic tubing using a jig to hold two vertical struts and the horizontal struts (jig not shown). Alignment of tower top to cone, and alignment for attaching LES motor and skirt was done by making a special jig (shown) to hold all parts centered. When in doubt... "get jiggy with it"....

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