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Shuttle Model-CD

(made for a CD-Rom in 2001)


Photos of George's Shuttle
primarily the NARAM & WSMC model

Photoshop handiwork by Alex Seltsikas
George Gassaway has modeled STS-47,orbiter Endeavour, which launched September 12, 1992. Of special notefor two reasons. One, because it was longtime NAR member and formerNAR trustee Jay Apt's second mission. And two, that the launch datewas almost perfectly timed for many of those arriving for the 1992WSMC in Melbourne, Florida. A lot of past and still-current US FAIteam and NAR members saw that launch, as well as some still-currentfliers and officials from other countries.




STS-47 mission launch (Sept 12, 1992)
1/60 R/C orbiter held by Ken Mizoi.
NARAM-41, 1999
Photo by Alex Seltsikas
2000 WSMC
Photo by Tom Campbell
Launch at 2000 WSMC
Photo by Stu Lodge

Assembly of NARAM Shuttle - Photos taken using a scanner, documenting some of the assembly of the model built for NARAM-41 in 1999.

Shuttle_ET Assembly - Assembly photos of the ET used for the shuttle at the 2000 WSMC.

Flight Computer - Dual Basic Stamp-based Computer by Jay Marsh, used by several FAI scale models including the shuttle.

Decals - Decals and dry transfers

Ben_Orbiter - Ben Roberto did R&D on a Fiberglass & Balsa Composite orbiter.

Boilerplate - Several earlier boilerplate models.

Alex Seltsikas' photos - Photo by Alex of the shuttle model at NARAM-41 in 1999.

Chris Taylor's photos - A few pics of the first NARAM-41 flight

George's Shuttle Model web page - Be sure to check it out if you have not already

More NARAM-41 pics.



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