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November 15, 2008

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Vendors For Contest Rockets

This page is not intended to include every rocket company or dealer. There are other sources for that on the web such as Fly , Rocketry Online, and

It is intended primarily to list vendors for contest rockets. Some which specifically carry contest kits and supplies, some which happen to have contest-useful kits or supplies, and some which you may never have heard of before or considered.

Also see the plans & kits listing at the bottom of each individual event's tip pages for vendors that sell kits useful for a particular event.

  • Qualified Competition Rockets (QCR) - By Ken Brown. Contest Kits for Eggloft, Payload, Helicopter, Boost Glide, Streamer Duration, Parachute Duration, & Plastic Model. Contest type Parachutes & Streamers. Piston launcher kits. Supplies & parts such as Kevlar shock cord, tubes, nose cones, egg capsules, centering rings, etc.
  • Aerospace Specialty Products (ASP) - By Andy Jackson. Contest Kits for Eggloft, Payload, Streamer Duration, & Parachute Duration. Scale kits. Contest and sport type Parachutes & Streamers. Supplies & parts such as Kevlar shock cord, adhesive Mylar tape, G10 fiberglass, mylar sheet (for parachutes), pre-cut fins, tubes, nose cones, egg capsules, centering rings, etc. Also a dealer for Edmonds Gliders and Saturn Press.
  • Balsa Machining Service (BMS) - By Bill Saindon. Great source for custom parts for contest models, including scale model parts. Made-to-order custom balsa nose cones, transitions, & blocks. Stock nose cones, transitions, tubes, couplers, centering rings, & Kevlar cord. Custom laser-cut fins and centering rings. Dealer for Edmonds Glider kits and Saturn Press.
  • Apogee Components - By Tim VanMilligan. Saturn Scale Kits, Heli-roc kit. Cast Glider hooks. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, and egg capsules. Contest oriented engines that unfortunately are long out of stock with the recent exceptions of new E6 and F10 engines (spring 2004) . Dealer for some Quest kits, Quest engines, and some Aerotech engines.
  • Totally Tubular - By Jim Fackert. Large variety of Body Tubes. Also couplers, centering rings, launch lugs, Nomex Paper, Nylon film parachute material, Mylar in various thicknesses, Kevlar cord, small Graphite rods, etc. Dealer for Edmonds Glider kits.
  • Pratt Hobbies - By Doug Pratt. Vac-formed Egg Capsules (Single and Dual) and Vac-formed (13, 18, & 24mm) nose cones (all from the old CMR equipment), Kevlar Cord, other supplies. "Super Six" kit (useful for 18mm PD & SD events). Dealer for Quest Nike-Smoke kit, and for some scale kits by ASP (Aerospace Specialty Products).
  • Edmonds Aerospace - By Rob Edmonds. Specializing in Glider kits.
  • Saturn Press - By Peter Alway. The BEST source for Scale Data. "Rockets of the World" book and other publications. Scale kits of the Arcas & Astrobee 1500.
  • FlisKits - By Jim Flis. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.
  • Tango Papa Decals - By Tom Papa. Tango Papa offers a variety of decals for certain scale models, at almost any desired scale. They can also do custom decal work, whether for scale, sport, or even just your NAR number.
  • Shecter Rockets (pdf list) - By Fred Shecter. Contest Kits for Eggloft, Boost Glide, Streamer Duration, & Parachute Duration. Contest type Parachutes. Supplies & parts such as tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.


  • NARTS - Run by Bill Spadafora. NAR Technical Services has scale data for the Aerobee 350, IQSY Tomahawk, Super Loki Dart, and Sandhawk. Also various plans and publications on contest models and R&D reports.
  • NAR magazine Back-issues - The NAR's magazine (Sport Rocketry now, previously named American Spacemodeling and the Model Rocketeer) has published articles and plans for contest models, and scale data. NARTS sells back-issues, and in cases of originals being out of stock, photocopies. Check out this magazine index, compiled by Lila Schmaker, to see what contest articles, plans, and scale data has been published in the magazine through 1999.


  • Aerotech - Rocket Engines. Scale kits.
  • Estes Industries - Rocket Engines. Scale kits. Parts such as tubes, nose cones, centering rings, etc.
  • Quest - Rocket Engines. Scale kits.


Scale Kit makers (from the Sport Scale tips page)

Kit sources



Patriot Missile, Cruise Missile, Bull Pup 12B Missile, Phoenix Missile, Mercury Redstone, V-2, Saturn-V

ASP (Aerospace Specialty Products)

Various scale kits, including Corporal, D - Region Tomahawk, IQSY Tomahawk, FOTL, Kappa-7-1, Kappa-9M, RAM B, Rohini RH - 75, RP - 3, Sandia Sandhawk, Sonda II B, Super Loki Dart, and V-2. ASP also has theWac-Corporal, but only the two-staged kits with the "Tiny Tim" booster are legal for Sport Scale.

Apogee Components

Highly detailed Saturn-IB and Saturn-V kits, at 1/70 scale. If building the Saturn-V, keep in mind the 1500 gram and 160 N-sec limits.


IQSY Tomahawk and Astrobee-D kits.

Saturn Press

Two kits designed by Peter Alway: Arcas and Astrobee 1500

Cosmodrome Rocketry

Kits: Nike Smoke, Nike Apache, Vostok, Black Brant II, Aerobee Hi

Sigma Rockets - Black Brants - ARG

Black Brant 1/10 scale models by Taras Tataryn of ARG. BLACK BRANT series - I, IIB, III, IV, V, VA, & VC

Scale Kits

Missile Kits: Alarm, AMRAAM, Bull Pup, Guideline, Lance, Little John, Sea Sparrow, Sidewinder

Neubauer Rockets

Various scale kits including Mercury-Redstone, Mercury-Atlas, Gemini-Titan, and Juno-I

The Launch Pad (TLP)
It is highly recommended to buy TLP kits from dealers, such as the partial list below:


Performance Hobbies


Commonwealth Displays




Discount Rocketry

Missile Kits:Alarm, AMRAAM AIM-120a, Anubis, ASM-1 (Type 80), ASRAAM, Bolo, Bullpup AGM-12B & 12C, Dragonfly, Exocet Am.39, Falcon AIM-4C, Flail, Folgore, Gabriel III/AS, Gecko, Grail SA-7, HARM, Harpoon AGM-84a, Hawk Mim-23a, (Improved) Hawk MIM-23B, Hellfire AGM-114a, Indigo, Kormoran AS.34, Krypton, Lance Mgm-52, Martel AS.37, Martin Pescador, Matra "Magic" R.550, Matra Super 530d, Maverick AGM-65b, Nike Ajax Mim-3A, Osiris MPM, AC-3, Perseus, Perseus II, Pershing MGM-31A, Phoenix AIM-54C, Rapier, Saab 372 (RB 72), Saab RB 05A, Scimitar, Seawolf, Sidewinder, Sparrow AIM-7F, Standard AGM-78, Tan-Sam (Type 81), Type 30 Artillery Rocket.
  Launch Pad Plan-Paks - Guideline SA-2, Nike Hercules, Scimitar, Scud-B (SS-1C), Standard RIM-67A, Warlock.

True Modeler's Rocket Kits

Scale kits of the NASA Scout, Aries "Fat Albert", Juno 1/Jupiter C, and NIKE Smoke.

Accur8 Spacemodels

By John Pursley. Incredibly detailed 1/12 scale Mercury Capsule kit (capsule only).

Rocket R&D

Have scale & semi-scale kits. The 2.6" kits include Army Hawk, Jayhawk, Sandhawk, & Standard ARM. Some of the 3.9" kits, aimed at higher power, may be too big to make it under the 1500 gram limit.

Missile Works

Kits: Sandia Tomahawk, Black Brant III, Zimcor VIPER, MGM-52A Lance, XM-47 Little John, RV-A-10 Sergeant


Nike-Smoke kit. Unfortunately the new Quick-bulld version seems to have a black body tube, with white UNITED STATES decals, which is not correct. Painting the black tube white would be difficult to get as white as the other parts, and would need custom decals. Available from various dealers, including Pratt Hobbies. (Google search for Quest Nike-Smoke kit dealers)

Vincent Hobbies

New company coming out with scale kits by Chris Timm. The first kit being the AIM-47A

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