NEWS: Feb 10, 2012:  BACK ONLINE! Last October, my account disappeared for some reason, it was not supposed to expire until this year. Apple replaced ".mac" (and what used to be called MobileMe) with the iCloud, but iCloud requires the use of a more modern system than my Mac could run. Anyway, I now have a real URL for the site,

Much thanks to Tony Reynolds who is providing server space for the site.

My e-mail also went away. It used to be Now it is, with the same username in front.

NEWS: Feb 10, 2012:

I will be making up more batches of Cast Glider L-Hooks to start selling in March. They are great for most 1/4A thru D power Boost Gliders. NARAM is holding B Boost Glide (and therefore other contests are also holding B B/G), and these are ideal for B B/G pop-pods.

The "L" Hooks are resin cast parts which allow any pod to be used with any glider. The parallel interlocking hook design makes it impossible for the glider and pod to pry off from each other until the pod moves backwards 1/4". See this web page for more information about the L-Hooks and pricing/ordering info.


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