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NARAM-41 model - STS-47
NARAM-41 (1999) model [New Aug 17th, 1999]
Shuttle Model Information
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Shuttle Model Pics2 [New Dec 5'98]
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Shuttle Details [New July1'99]
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This home page is about the development of a boilerplate for a serious scale model of the space shuttle, and now finally the fruits of those efforts with the NARAM-41 model.

August 17,1999 - Added NARAM-41 Shuttle model page. This model won 1st place in Team Division for the Southern Neutron Team.

July 1,1999 - Added Shuttle Details page showing T-0 Aft Umbilical plate details and drawing.

Jan 24th, 1999 - Added Shuttle Mpeg movie. Click here to download it, or go to the new "Movies page" on George's AOL Home Page for more information.

Shuttle Model Information
Boilerplate Model Pictures

Shuttle Model Details

Shuttle Drawings

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